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HC908JK3 Development Board

The HC908JK3 Development Board is the first in the series of HC908 Development Boards. These economical boards are intended for a wide variety of use, including prototyping in an industrial environment, student projects, school laboratory, and hobbyists.

In an industrial setting, a variety of HC08 CPU's sharing a single CPU core allows the development of software on a different but similar CPU. The HC908JK3 Development Board with its low cost allows a company to deploy many of these boards for its development group members. The developers can test and debug the software separately on this board allowing parallel development. Once sufficient testing is done, the software can then be combined and tested on the intended product. Our HC908JK3 board allows a company to focus on the development cost rather than infrastructure.

In an academia setting, the HC908JK3 Development Board is economical enough to be imployed in a college level course. Its powerful CPU with Von Neumann architecture, linear addressing, and on-board debugging capability is suitable for all levels of engineering student classes, from classes with beginner level understanding of a microcontroller to classes with students wanting to do more complex projects.

One of the users commented, "This is definitely the best processor, from the programming standpoint, over the PIC and SX chips I used earlier. Both the PIC and SX require Memory Paging and RAM Bank Switching. This can make debugging a nightmare. The HC08 architecture is continuous, well established and very intuitive. I don't know why the PIC gets all the publicity when these Motorola chips are far better." Clearly with more than 4K flash space available, this development board can cater to a wide variety of needs.

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