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BI-K11 Keyboard Keyer

Morse Keyer for PS/2 Keyboard - CW Paddle

BI-K11 Keyboard Keyer serves as both a keyboard-based morse code keyer and electronic keyer for an iambic paddle. The keyer will enable easy CW QSO using your HF rig. It offers the following superior benefits:

For the detailed explanation on the keyer functions, please find the K11 user's manual in the following link.

For US and international customers, this product is offered on


Purchase Directly from Us: 20 USD + shipping 17 USD

Use the following form to purchase directly from us (20 USD for the BI-K11 board) using your credit card or paypal (processed via paypal). This is only for shipping to the USA (17 USD via standard mail service, Australia Post).

You can estimate the shipping cost using Australia Post postage calculator (from Melbourne, Victoria) using "Parcel => Economy Air" to your country and add 3 AUD for handling.

If you need the board shipped to a destination other than the USA, please contact us first so we can quote you the correct EMS shipping cost. Thanks.

Sorry, at time, the product is sold out. Please wait for our next production run. Right now, we expect another run can be completed soon. We will then offer them here again. Thanks.

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